Amsterdam Ultimate Club or AUC is an ultimate frisbee club based in Amsterdam. Founded in 1991 and originally known as Crunch,  AUC is the largest ultimate club in The Netherlands with more than 160 members of all age, gender, origin, size and level of play. Throughout the years, we have grown from a sports club  into a vibrant community within this amazing and diverse city.


Besides the largest, we're also one of the most successful clubs in the country! Each year, several of our teams compete at the national level, while our first teams also compete internationally. And to complete the bragging, our club also produces some of the country's brightest talents through its youth program.


Apart from the Dutch competition, AUC regularly organizes seasonal events. Seasonal leagues,  goaltimate, an  annual beach tournament, and all kinds of fun events in the city. We welcome players of all skill levels and aim to make sure everyone can enjoy this amazing sport. 


We currently have two competitive women's ultimate teams within AUC. Click here to learn more about the teams or how to play.

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We currently have three competitive men's (open) teams within AUC. Click here to learn more about the teams or how to play.

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We currently have one competitive mixed team within AUC but there are opportunities for everyone to play, click to learn more.